Sunday, March 29, 2009

Bill Bartmann: Business Training in Dallas, Texas

According to Bill Bartmann, self-made billionaire, many new businesses fail due to a number of reasons. In many cases, the business owner does not possess the required skills or the knowledge of business essentials needed to be successful. This is why Bill Bartmann created Billionaire Business Systems, an online course for entrepreneurs to learn the essentials of successful business ownership.

Bill Barmann How to Write a Business Plan for Students in Dallas

Bill Bartmann believes many businesses that fail do not have a good business plan. The business plan is one of the three essential documents that must be prepared if your business is going to succeed. Bill Bartmann’s business plan clearly defines the goals of the business as he presents it to those he has a business relationship with, including lenders who will be investing in his business, vendors and suppliers with whom he has a business credit account with, potential partners and shareholders

A well-written business plan will demonstrate that you are serious and focused on your commitment to build a successful business. Your business plan will demonstrate your skills, knowledge, experience and what makes you stand out from the rest of the companies in your industry.

Bill Bartmann Teaches Students in Dallas How to Write a Marketing Plan

Bill Bartmann says all successful businesses have a great marketing plan, to identify your product or service and how you fit in your industry. A good marketing plan defines your market goals and the strategies and tactics that you will be using in order to accomplish your goals. A marketing plan defines your measuring devices and deadlines for reaching certain milestones that will be used to determine if you are on track in meeting your expectations.

Bill Bartmann teaches students how a great marketing plan is the key to the success of their business. Bill Bartmann’s marketing plan is referred to often as he makes sure his business is moving in the right direction for him to do what he has set out to do.

Bill Bartmann’s Students in Dallas Learn How to Write a Loan Proposal to Obtain Business Capital

Bill Bartmann says that every successful business needs a well written loan proposal. A loan proposal is a powerful presentation that will get lenders to want to invest in your business by loaning you the money you need to operate efficiently. Bill Bartmann knows that lenders want to make business loans because this is how they make their money.

Bill Bartmann’s loan proposal is a very simple; yet, very informative document that provides the answers to all the questions a lender is going to ask a business owner who is applying for a loan.

A high-quality loan proposal tells lenders that you are well prepared to go into business and to be successful. Bill Bartmann’s loan proposal presents an intelligent, experienced business person with the necessary qualities and attributes to operate and grow a business.

Bill Bartmann’s Billionaire Business Systems is an online course that describes, in detail, how to create a Business Plan, a Marketing Plan and a Loan Proposal. Bill Bartmanns program walks the entrepreneur on a path to business ownership, from getting started to growing and expanding a successful business.

Bill Bartmann is the "Billionaire Business Coach". He is the only self-made billionaire who has exclusively devoted his life to teaching others. Bill is the leading authority on entrepreneurship in America. He has created seven successful businesses in seven different industries, including a $3.5 billion, 3900 employee international company that he started from his kitchen table with a $13,000 loan. He has been named National Entrepreneur of the Year by NASDAQ, USA Today, Merrill Lynch and the Kauffman Foundation. His companies have been named by Inc. Magazine as one of the 500 Fastest Growing Companies In America - four years in a row. He has been awarded a permanent place in the Smithsonian Institutes Museum of American History and awarded the American Academy of Achievement's Golden Plate Award as one of the Outstanding Achievers of the 21st Century.